Hi, I'm Tonya and I love checklists. I love the feeling I get when I cross things off,  I like it so much, I sometimes add items that I've already done just to mark them off. [shhh… don't tell anyone]. I love looking at my planner at the end of the day and saying to myself "I've done that."
But it's hard to feel empowered in this world of the superwoman. And as much as we hate it, we all get caught up in it.
• Was my daughter's birthday party Instagram-worthy? 
• Does my pantry look like the ones in the Container Store catalog? 
• Does everyone on Pinterest have a laundry room the size of my garage?

Let's break the superwoman myth. Because that's what it is - a myth. It's not about being the perfect woman who can do everything. It's about doing what matters for the way YOU want to live.

It's time to work smarter. Not harder. We can do this. You and me.

My goal is to empower you to feel organized, and for you to feel successful while you are doing it. I designed inkWELL planners to work well for any woman - with dedicated spots for things like meal planning, house projects & fitness goals - and little touches like a monthly inspiration to push you through those rough patches. I tried to think of everything to make this planner work for you.

And I wanted it to be pretty and chic because I want you to use it proudly every day.  I want to see you succeed. And I'm going to help. Yep, we'll get it set up together so it won't just sit there gathering dust [which just reminds you that you need to clean] or sitting on top of that deserted stair master machine in the basement [which just reminds you that you haven't worked out in 6 months]. Nope. I will go through step by step and help you reach your goal of world domination [or just remembering to drop off the dry cleaning].

Are you ready? Me too. Let's set goals, make plans, and cross items off our list. We've got this.