DIY Curling or Flat Iron Travel Carrier

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Anyone who uses a curling iron or a flat iron in the morning knows it can take some time for them to cool down after use. This time can make the difference in leaving your sink area neat and clean or leaving it sitting out where eventually it becomes a permanent part of your decor! When you can put away your hot items right away, you are more likely to keep the counters a little more clutter free (which will make you a little happier, right?).

I wanted to  show you this  DIY Travel Carrier you can easily make even if you can't sew! When you're done using your curling iron or flat iron just stick it in this carrier! No more waiting for it to cool down in the mornings!DIY Flat Iron and Curling Iron Travel Carrier
You will need a potholder, some thread, a sewing needle, scissors, and some straight pins. If you want a no sew version, make sure to purchase fusible tape instead of the sewing supplies.

DIY Travel Carrier for your Flat Iron and Curling Iron to save you time in the mornings
Fold your potholder in half and pin the edges together. You can fold your potholder so the pocket is facing in or out, I chose to fold the pocket facing in because the other side looked nicer. Sew along the long edge and the bottom so there's one open end at the top. 

* If you are using the fusible tape instead of sewing, simply sandwich the tape between the edges and use a hot iron to 'stitch' them together.
DIY Travel Carrier for your Flat Iron and Curling Iron

Tie off your thread with a double knot and you're done! I have a large curling iron and it fits perfectly in this carrier. You can also use this when traveling to protect your curling iron or flat iron!

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