Productivity Matrix

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

As part of the free Women Who Mean Business series I spoke on periscope today about productivity. We talked a lot about good habits to set for yourself like designating times for email and checking social media, taking breaks and walking around, and batching your tasks. To help you figure out your most productive times we created this Productivity Matrix. 
Each hexagon has 24 hours with each hour divided into four sections. Color code each section according to what activity you worked on at that time and highlight or circle what times you feel energetic or productive. When the day is over you’ll have a clear picture of what you worked on and how you felt about it! Remember, everyone works differently and will be productive at different times, just check out this chart of famous creatives habits!

To get this download and the rest of the downloads for the Women Who Mean Business click here. Don’t forget Kristin Kaplan will be live on periscope tomorrow at 1pm EST!

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