Working Through Getting Your Inbox to Zero

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our live Periscope today focused on getting your inbox to zero and helping you set up a system for yourself to be able to handle incoming emails. Merlin Mann, who coined the term “Inbox Zero” said “It’s about how to reclaim your email, your attention, and your life. That zero? It’s not how many messages are in your inbox– it’s how much of your own brain is in that inbox. Especially when you don’t want it to be.”
We created this download that has you set a deadline for Inbox Zero and set a goal for how much time you’ll spend on it and when. It won’t happen all at once, especially if you have thousands of emails sitting in your inbox. Here are some tips we went over for getting to zero:
- Sort through and delete emails by catagories (ex. work, school, shopping)
- Respond to any email that will take less than two minutes
- If it will take longer than two minutes, file it in a folder for later
- Unsubscribe to spam, promotions, and social media notifications right away
- Do not keep any emails “just in case”
The rest of the worksheet walks you through setting up a system for yourself for handling incoming emails. We’ve given you a few rules to follow as well as space to create your own and space to decide how you’ll automate checking email: How often will you check email? How quickly will you respond? This all depends on your schedule and inbox but setting these rules will keep you from being distracted by email when you’re working on another project.
One of the most helpful things you can do for your inbox is setting up folders that you can quickly file emails into. What works for one person may not work for another, so we’ve included space for you to brainstorm categories and what you’ll use them for and given you some examples to get started. 
We’ll be announcing the dates for next month’s live Periscopes soon, so keep an eye out for that! And don’t forget we’ll be having an A5 Quarterly Bundle sale March 1st and 2nd!

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