Finding Your Yes

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

We had a live Periscope about focusing on what’s important and finding the strength to say no today. There are plenty of tasks you could do but when you say YES to all these tasks you’re saying NO to things like your relationships, your time, and your passion. We wanted to help you figure out if a task is important and then think about how to say no if it isn’t. 
We created this download that asks you a few tough questions to think about an opportunity you’ve been given: Do you want to take this on? Do you have time? Does it fulfill you? If you get to a NO on any of these questions we’ve included space for you to think about how you’ll say no when the time comes. If you get all the way through to yes then you should take this opportunity because you want to, you have time, and it fulfills you!
After you’ve completed your task we’ve included a follow up section at the bottom for you to reflect on the opportunity you took on. If you were glad you did it, great! Writing this down will remind you next time that this task fulfilled you. If you didn’t enjoy it, reflecting on why not will give you clarity for the next time you’re asked to do something similar. We also have a place for you to add how long this task took you, that way you’ll have a good starting point for estimating how long a similar task might take you.  
Don’t forget our next live Q&A ‘Getting to Zero’ on February 23rd at 1pm EST when we’ll be talking about managing your inbox. It’s easier than you think and helps you save time! I can’t wait to chat with you!

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