It's a Camping Birthday!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Kate's official birthday is not until next week, but since the kids are out of school for fall break this week, we decided to start the celebrations a little bit early with her camping birthday party.

She decided she wanted a chocolate cake with graham cracker crumbles in the middle, which we then topped with roasted homemade marshmallows. Her version of a s'mores cake:

Easy campfire cake for boy scouts or camping party.

I have to say, I was pretty happy with how the cake turned out since I love making cakes (especially this one from one of my favorite food blogs). But I am secretly the worst cake decorator ever… this one was simple - just some red, yellow and orange lifesavers melted in the oven and broken up to create fire along with some pretzel logs to complete the effect.

She had just a few close friends over who just played and played - the spent the entire day outside, which I loved. We set up a tent in the yard plus a hammock for a genuine 'camping' feel. They played 'snipe hunt' until I thought they would wear themselves out… and then it was time for the glow sticks and dancing. (I think this may have been the favorite part of the party!)

Finally they tumbled into the tent in the playroom for a movie and bed time. Overall, one of the most simple birthday parties I think I've ever pulled off but certainly one of the most successful.

I will be posting my homemade marshmallow recipe later this week!

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