Get Organized: Lunch Box Organization

Friday, August 21, 2015

Lunch Box Drawer Organization including downloadable lunch box notes, bento style lunch box and thermos.

1. I love bento boxes like this one from Laptop Lunches as they usually include proportioned sized containers, which means I can buy my snacks in bulk and then just portion them out. No need for baggies or overpriced snack sized treats. They offer different sized containers and even have some with lids (which I love for items like yogurt).

**TIP: Keep extra lunch box containers on hand to have on hand for those mornings where the kids have completely forgotten to take it out of their backpack over the weekend (and it now appears be growing some sort of science experiment). An extra lunch box has saved my life more than once.

2. Who doesn't like getting  a little love note? If you keep a stash of lunch box notes next to your lunch fixings, you'll remember to pop one in every once in a while.

*** Click here for my free set of lunchbox notes.

3.  I love being throw ketchup or mayo in their lunches - having a little containers like these sauce pods works perfectly (and is easier for little hands than stealing those ketchup packets you've been pilfering from McDonalds).

4. Silverware - this used to be a source of contention for me… I hated sending plastic silverware to school, but I also hated losing some of my nice spoons. A simple solution? Run to the nearest restaurant supply store in your city (every city has one) and pick up some cheap cafeteria style silverware. Keep it in your lunch box area and use THOSE for lunches. That way, you can toss them in the dishwasher and reuse them and you won't fall to pieces when one gets accidentally thrown away!

5. Sometimes the kids need a little heat at lunch - especially on cold winter days.  We use this thermos from Aladdin which has a built in spork in the lid that slides out.

** TIP: One of the lunch tricks I've learned is that BEFORE you fill the thermos with the food, pour hot (almost boiling water) in the thermos and allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then pour it out and wipe dry. Fill the thermos with food and lunch will stay much hotter.

6. These silicon muffin cups are perfect for dividing up spaces in the lunch box or keeping items from touching - I mean, who wants their Oreo touching their ranch dressing?

7. While I like having a reusable lunch box, there are times when a sack lunch is necessary. On field trip days, it makes life much easier for our teachers when the kids bring their lunches in a bag, so I keep a stash of lunch bags in the back.

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