FREE Download: Back to School Printables Part 2

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last week, in part one I shared some downloadable PDFs for Teacher Favorites and Back to School Photo Signs. Today I'm offering some free downloads of lunch box notes and even a lunch box idea cheat sheet.

Ah, the dreaded early morning task of cobbling together some sort of healthy lunch for our kids. When you are in a bleary-eyed daze, preparation is definitely the key. I find that if I have a few ideas stashed in my back pocket, that definitely helps to think of new inventive ways of dressing up the basic school lunch.

First off, I've created a lunch box ideas generator - a little cheat sheet to help on those mornings where you're walking around the kitchen in a daze. I keep this posted in my kitchen and refer to it often. Before we run to the grocery store, I'll give it a quick glance to see if there's a few different things to throw in the cart this week so my kids don't get bored with the same ham sandwich and Nila wafers.

Free Download of lunch box idea cheat sheet generator to help decide what to put in kids lunches.

I've also created a sheet of lunch box notes for you to download and print - it's always nice to get a little love note in your lunch, don't you think? But in the craze of getting out the door, that's not always easy to do. Print these out and stash them with your lunch box supplies - make it easy on yourself to do something special for your kids. 

Free download printable of lunch box notes for you to print and put in your kids lunch.
Let's make lunch prep easy… and to make things even easier, I've gone ahead and added our part one back to school printables to this link. One stop. See? We can do this.

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