DIY: Hotel Style Headboard & Platform Bed

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Every year for my birthday, I like to tackle a big woodworking project. This past week I was down with a terrible summer cold, but it didn't stop me from taking on this DIY Hotel Style Headboard & Platform Bed. It just kept me from posting about it sooner.

Okay, let me preface this with the fact that we did most of the work in our garage - which apparently used to house some crazy teenage boys that liked to do doughnuts on their motorcycles in the garage. Yes, those are skid marks on my garage floor… but that's a DIY for another day. Let's just ignore these for now… Agreed?

We made ours as a king sized bed, but all measurements can be modified for a queen or twin.

We'll start with the platform bed. You'll need 4 2x4s (2 cut at 80" and 2 cut at 73")

We used a Kreg Jig and glue to attach the corners - I like using a Kreg Jig as it creates really strong joints (which you'll need since you'll be sleeping on this every night.)

When you use the Kreg Jig, your joints will look like this. It takes a little bit longer, but it's definitely worth it. Trust me on this.

Next you'll take 5 73" 2x4s and attach them inside your bed frame every 16 inches. Again, we used the Kreg Jeg and glue to make tight joints

Now that the basic frame is done, we'll add the skirt pieces (these will show so choose nicer lumber - we used pine select on these since we wanted ours painted). You'll cut 3- 1x8s (1 at 77.5" and 2 at 80". Attach these to the sides and front of your frame - you'll want to overlap the board at the top as that is what will help the mattress stay in place (we overlapped ours about 2 inches). Just glue them and use a nail gun to fasten them to the edges.

 Now it's time to add the legs - each leg will require 1- 1x3 and 1- 1x4 each cut at 14.5" (you'll be creating a butt joint). For the 1x3, attach it flush to the end, then attach the 1x4 flush to the edge of the 1x3. We used a nail gun and glue to attach our legs.
Here's a birds eye view of the leg - you can see here that I started prepping it for paint by using wood putty to fill in all seams and nail holes. The platform is finished except for paint!

Attach plywood to the walls at the studs - you'll want to make the plywood about 2 inches smaller than the finished dimensions of your headboard.   you'll want it 77 inches wide but you can make it as tall as you'd like, so the final dimensions are completely up to you. While you could put plywood over the entire surface - we just used scrap wood that we had leftover.

Next you'll create the frame around the edges - we used 1x4s - you'll want to overlap your plywood edges by about 2 inches, that helps the headboard float off the wall and not appear to be attached. 

Now just fill in the middle with the pattern of your choice - we cut our 1x6s at 45 degree angles to make our chevron pattern, but you could easily do your boards straight or however you'd like. Just make sure to attach them to the plywood with finishing nails (we used a nail gun). Once finished, fill joints and holes with putty, then sand to prepare for painting.

This is how the finished bed looks without the mattress - we did cut 6 of our extra 2x4s into pieces 13.5 inches long to use as supports for the frame. We just nailed them directly to the frame. Then we opted to get rid of our box springs and used sheets of plywood over the bed frame.

The finished result is fabulous - I'm so happy with it! 

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