How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Room the Way YOU Want it Cleaned

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Downloadable chore chart to help kids clean their rooms - editable version too

Alternate title for this post? How to not rip out your hair trying to get your kids to pick up.

Here's a list of questions I found myself asking my kids day after day:
* Why is the clean laundry piled in the corner of your room?
* What is all this junk under your dresser?
* Do you seriously think this room is clean?
* Is this trash on your floor?

Sound familiar? I thought so. But this round of questioning continued to cycle again and again and AGAIN. Until I finally found the solution. And let me say, this has REVOLUTIONIZED the way my kids clean their rooms. I can't believe it took me this long to do this because it's so ridiculously simple. I made a room inspection checklist.

An editable download of  room inspection chore chart to help your kids clean their room

We now have room inspection day on Thursdays - I am really big on setting schedules for things like this because it helps create routine. They each have the checklist so they know what I'm looking for when I say I want a clean room & bathroom. Thursday afternoon I head into their rooms and I go through the checklist with them. Each task is worth up to 5 points (for a possible total of 70). They need to receive a grade of 60 to pass room inspection. I did also include a bonus section where they can earn extra points for going beyond.

Download for an editable chore chart to help kids clean their rooms

As you can see, they have really worked to get a 70 - the two of them are in constant competition over who gets the higher score. But you know who always wins? ME! Because their rooms are clean. See how I worked that?

This all goes back to what I talked about last week when I blogged about how to get your kids involved in cleaning - setting expectations and then let them loose to do it on their own. Now room inspection takes me all of 10 minutes with no nagging. Just a gentle reminder Wednesday that room inspection day is coming and that's it. Ah, so much nicer.

Want one for yourself to use with your kids? Okay. Just download your chore chart here.

I'd love to hear how this works for you!

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  1. Great post! What happens if they don't pass inspection? And is there a reward if they do pass? THANKS!

    1. Great question! I purposely chose Thursday so that I could tie the consequences to whatever we have going on that weekend. Basically they have to pass room inspection to take advantage of Friday Movie Night or whatever we have going on. For rewards - I generally use verbal rewards, but you could tie it to an allowance or special treat. Hope that helps. Glad you like the chart!

  2. LOVE this!! Thanks for the chart :)

  3. What a great way to get them to compete! Love this! fun and smart! I'd love to have you link this up at my Skip The Housework Party

    1. Hi Melanie,
      I'm so sorry I missed the link party this past weekend - I'll be sure to submit on the one you have this Saturday. Love your site!

  4. Gosh I could have used this 12 years ago! My daughter will be a senior this year. It's a constant battle! I guess it's never too late!