Organize: What to Do with All Those Grocery Bags

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Now, I know it's Earth Day and I really should be pushing you to use reusable grocery bags - which I use myself. You may remember back when I posted about how to make your own reusable grocery bag out of a t-shirt… but I do think those plastic bags have their place… like for  an on the go trashcan for the car or wrangling wet bathing suits after the pool. That counts as recycling, right?

So while lots of people out there are posting about how to make your own cleaning supplies or all natural tools for cleaning… we're going to focus on those plastic bags that clutter up you car or sink area. They drive me crazy. They do. They are unwieldy and bulky. And annoying.

image of how to fold plastic bags to cut down on clutter

See? Now I can store my plastic bags wherever I need them and they take up precious little space. Love it. The best part is that it's ridiculously easy to do. So easy, that I think these count as a kid chore. Yep, one of those tasks you assign to the little minions in your home.

How do I know this? Because my two kids folded all those little triangles you see there in the picture. I put on the Brady Bunch {which is in heavy rotation at my house right now} and set them to work folding.

I thought the easiest way to show you would be to make a quick little graphic. Ready?

See? Easy as pie… once you get the hang of it, each one takes about 10 seconds to do. 

Now, what shall we do with all that free space under my sink?

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