DIY: How to Make Your Own Boot Shapers for Less than a Dollar

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I've been struggling for a while with that jumble of boots in my closet. It was such a mess - I couldn't take it any longer, so I started pricing out boot trees online, which can range from $12 - $25. No thanks. I set out to make my own for less than a dollar. Ready?

Step 1: Gather your materials

Materials needed to make your own boot shapers.
Yes, just 4 simple ingredients for this DIY: your boots, a tape measure, a steak knife and pool noodle. A random assortment of characters, I agree.
Step 2:
Measuring a boot to organize a closet by making boot shapers from pool noodles.
Next, measure the height of your boot, then subtract 2 inches. So for this boot, it was 16.5 inches so my final measurement was 14.5 inches.
Step 3:
Sawing through the pool noodle to make your own boot tree.
That's right, grab your hand little steak knife and get sawing. Much easier than sawing down trees.
Step 4:

Image of a DIY boot tree inside a boot.
And then just pop those in your boot. Easy!
Ah… so much better. But now that I have more room… I think I might need some more boots! 

What's your favorite trick for organizing a closet?

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