How to Get Ready for a Car Trip

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ok, here's a little secret... I've been on a car trip for the past few days (which might explain why I haven't been commenting as much on a lot of your blogs since I'm not the best typer on the iPhone). We're taking advantage of the weather and heading out on a 2 week car trip with the kids to visit grandparents (or rather, great-grandparents).

The whole week before was a blur of prepping and gathering materials to entertain two children confined in a car for hours a day. I found some really great resources for our trip and would love to share them with you in case you're heading out of town at all this summer.
Found these great travel bingo cards and other printable games here...I printed them on card stock, rounded the corners  and then covered them with clear contact paper so we can use dry erase markers on them (and that makes them reusable). 

Got some fun car games from this site.
One of the most helpful sites, though that I found was Roadside America, where you can search for fun travel stops along your route. So if you want to stop at the World's Largest Ball of String (Weston, Missouri) or see the Museum of Bad Art (Dedham, Massachusetts) you can...

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