Last Day of Kindergarten

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Remember those months ago when I talked about sobbing on Kate's first day of Kindergarten? How I thought it would be so much easier since she is my second one? That I felt like I knew what I was in for?

Now I remember why I sobbed so hard on that day. It's this:

How did she get so big in the course of one short school year? What day did she wake up and no longer have that baby faced look? I think Kindergarten is one of those times where you grow so much and that's what we, as moms, sob about on that first day of school. And Jack has grown too! But it's not the same as Kindergarten. After Kindergarten, they are no longer our babies... they are our kids. Big kids at that.

On that first day of school we mourn a little bit for those times that we let slip away while they were busy in the business of getting bigger because Kindergarten really is the beginning of the Big Adventure.

I'm going to try to take some time this summer to take it slow and make sure I don't miss a thing.

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  1. holy cow she's grown up! this makes me cry just thinking about Bridgette's first day of kindergarten coming up! eek!

  2. Awwww. I miss that sweet Kate!