Hurry Up Tooth Fairy

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Poor Kate - six and half and STILL hasn't lost a tooth. Many of her friends are already on tooth #5 or 6 and smile with cute snaggletooth smiles. She has been so {I'm}patiently waiting for that first wiggly tooth. And now, to her great excitement, it's finally here!

To celebrate the looooong awaited arrival of such an event, the tooth fairy had to stop by our house the other night. Kate was thrilled to wake up to fairy dust scattered on the floor and find this:

To say that she was excited might be an understatement. The tiny little letter in the dish was from the tooth fairy telling her how pleased she was with her teeth... which has inspired a whole new enthusiasm for brushing at our house. Now, fingers crossed that she loses it soon!

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