DIY Wood Transfer

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After moving to Asheville, I knew I wanted to celebrate our big change - and what better way to do it than with a graphic print? I made a graphic of the state in Photoshop and cut made a little heart right over my little city. I liked the way it looked, but wanted to give it more punch, so why not transfer it to wood? So easy, but makes a big statement...

Step One:

Materials you need are sand paper, brush, gel medium (found in the art dept of your local craft store) and a piece of wood cut to size

Step Two:

You'll need to get your graphic printed off as a mirror image on a laser printer -  this is important! Do not print it on your ink jet! The easiest way to do this is to save it on your thumb drive and head over to your local print shop. You want it printed on standard copy paper.

Step Three:

Take the time to sand the edges of your wood - I just used some scrap wood from the garage, but you can always find precut pieces at your local craft store. I sanded the edges well because I was going for a little more vintage look.

Step Four:

Make sure your board is sawdust free, and then coat it with a generous layer of the gel medium. Make sure your strokes are going the same direction.

Step Five:

Now, carefully lay your paper on directly on the gel medium and lightly burnish the surface so it's bubble free. Take the time to smooth out any wrinkles... now, the hard part. Let it dry overnight. I know, who wants to wait that long, but do it... otherwise you'll regret it. {sounds like experience talking here}

Step Six:

After letting it sit overnight, use a soaking wet washcloth to wet the entire surface of the paper. And start rubbing. And rubbing. And rubbing. Get all the paper fibers off. They will make a mess. But making a mess is half the fun {clean up, by the way, is  not the other half}.

And you're done! So easy I had to make two - one for my new home of Asheville and one for my old home of Dallas!

You may want to give it a coat of a sealer like Modge Podge but it's not necessary. I did rough up the edges a little bit by being more aggressive when removing the paper, but I wanted them to look a little distressed. 

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