DIY: Entry Mud Room

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It's been a while since I've posted a DIY, but I had to share this one that I worked on a few months ago in our new house. Our front entry way is open, so I wanted a way to define the space without having a piece of furniture in your way as you open the front door. The easiest solution was to add a little mud room area, perfect for hats & boots.

See how boring the area was before? This was so easy it took about an hour to complete - and the best part? Cost about $50. I think it made a huge difference in our entry way. Ready to start?

First, you'll need to cut your wood to length (this will depend on your wall). I used three 1x6 boards and used them for the floor molding, side edges, middle cross piece and top edge. The rest was 1x3 boards. I measured and cut each piece, used wood glue and my trusty nailgun to adhere them directly to the wall. No prep work needed on the wall.

Next you'll want to use your wood putty to fill in the nail holes and any imperfections in the wood. Make sure to sand all the wood once the putty is dry.

Using a paintable caulk, you'll just go around all the edges - do not skip this step. Do it on ALL the edges, where the wood meets the wall and where the wood butts up against each other. This is key.

See how there's caulk smeared on the wall? It's okay... it won't show once you paint. Now mark your holes for the hooks & predrill them before you paint.

 Then all that's left is for you to paint (I used a semi-gloss so it would hold up to the abuse) and then add your hooks. See why we predrilled those holes before painting - made this last step a snap. 

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  1. Looks awesome - the before is pretty much exactly what my entry looks like right now, with the door right up against the wall like that and everything. What did you put across the top to make that narrow ledge? In any case, great job and thanks for sharing. (Found you via Pinterest, btw.)