Joel Dewberry Inspired Office

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My friend Wendy is an AMAZING person - such a sweet girl, a fabulous realtor {hello... my house had 3 offers in less than 10 days} and an inspiring mother. Her daughter is a few years ahead of my kids and, I swear, she will be the one I call when I'm dealing with tween girl issues. I think she always has the best way of handling things and seems to just naturally know what to do.

EXCEPT... when it comes to decorating. That girl cannot seem to steer away from brown. It's a real problem. So, I was beyond thrilled when she emailed the other day and asked me if I would help her figure out her new home office space. for fabric and accessories? Yes, please. The only thing that could be better is if we could actually shop together in person rather than via email. I've come up with a fun little inspiration board of ideas:

These Joel Dewberry fabrics are a good bridge from brown to some serious color - that moss green has just enough of a brown undertone to make Wendy feel at home. Using those as a springboard, the paint color on the walls can come from that soft minty green. Wendy wants the room to function as her office, but still be able to convert when needed for guests. My suggestion is to put in a daybed so the kids can use it as a couch to sit and visit or it can convert to a bed for guests. Something simple and maybe use this fun headboard from West Elm behind it {I'd go with the white version}.

This midcentury nightstand is perfect for and would blend well with her many antique pieces while still adding a modern spin. Add pops of yellow with accessories like the  Stella Floor Lamp from Urban Outfitters & a few fun decorative items in the Expedit shelving from Ikea.

For corralling paper & clutter, the PE baskets & magnetic inspiration board {both from Ballard} are perfect. That way when guests do arrive, there's plenty of places to stash your office out of the way.

Well, Wendy, what do you think? Do you think we could do the whole room without any brown paint? I think so.

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