Feeling Grateful

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You know that feeling when you've just taken the kids out to lunch and maybe a fun movie - you're feeling pretty darn good. Feeling that good mom mojo. And then the moment hits. "But what are we going to do NOW?" they ask.

Really? Really.

Don't you think these ungrateful moments steal that little bit of glory from those good days? We are suffering from a bit of a gratitude drought in this house, I'm afraid. I want my kids to stop and appreciate. Don't we all? Now I know they are 6 and 9 right now and this is not an uncommon issue among parents, but I'm looking for something to do about it.

I came across this gratitude jar in the Wisteria catalog just today and I think it's a perfect idea:

And, so easy to replicate. Remember that etched bar glasses DIY I made a few years ago?

Just use the same technique. Get a cute jar (my favorite place to find cool inexpensive jars is Tuesday Morning {just weed past the 50 million picture frames to the glass aisle}. Grab yourself some etching cream and you've got simple but display worthy jar. If you need better instructions just click here.

I love how they include some cut up pieces of fun paper for you to write on. Little touches like that are all the inspiration my kids need to want to write. {Hey, it's the little things, right?}

I think we're going to make this part of our nightly dinner ritual as part of ramping up to Thanksgiving. Each night we'll talk about something we are grateful for - jot a quick note and then drop it in the jar. I'm hoping that by the end of a month, they'll see there's a lot to appreciate. And, let's be honest, as an adult I can use a little reminder myself from time to time. I think this will be good for me too.

What do you do to instill thankfulness in yourself and your kids?

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