First Day of School Jitters {Mine}

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How is that summer flies past so quickly every year? It seems like in May I'm always fretting about having enough for the kids to do... and then when August comes around we've barely done half of what I expected?

This school year start is bittersweet with a brand new school in a brand new town. But just look how bright and shiny they both are this morning...

My sweet Jack has been putting up a brave front with starting this year knowing no one... and I kinda bought into it until we turned into the 4th grade hallway at 7:50 this morning. The look of fear on his face about broke my heart. He is so shy and quiet, I know he will do just fine, but I just know it's not an easy day for him. New places and faces is always tough for that one.

My Kate on the other hand, will be bustling with friends by lunchtime. She never meets a stranger. I can't believe she's in Kindergarten this year. I really thought I had it together - no tears over the summer at the thought of her starting school.

But with that big girl backpack and the look of confidence on her face made her look so grown up. It was all I could do to escape the kindergarten wing without completely breaking down. Tears streamed down my face through the parking lot {but what do I care... I don't know anyone here either}.

What is it about starting Kindergarten that can break your heart on the first day? Is it knowing that they are officially off on the big adventure? Is it that she won't be home with me during the day? I don't know, but I'm dying for those 2 to get off the bus this afternoon.

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