Poor Baby

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So... a couple of weeks ago, this is what Kate looked like:

Want to see her without the bandages? {you might not}

Poor baby fell off her bike going downhill and totally road rashed her face, got a huge fat lip and is lucky that she didn't knock out some teeth. I took these pictures a few hours after it happened but didn't want to post them in fear that her sweet face wouldn't heal.

But it did, and is that girl resilient! Not only did her face heal, but her pride did too. So much so, that she conquered her fear of getting back on the bike... AND took off her training wheels to boot:

{just a short little 1 minute video of my brave girl}

What a brave girl my Katbird is. You make your mommy proud.

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  1. Proud of that brave girl!

  2. love this! and what a sweet Daddy he must be!

  3. Oh, poor little girl!!! But way to be brave! :)