Jack's 9th Bike Party

Monday, March 05, 2012

Over the weekend we celebrated Jack's 9th birthday with a bike birthday party... just a few friends, an obstacle course and lots of laughs...

It's so hard to believe that my sweet boy is 9 already. My how time flies when we're having fun.... and what fun we have had for the past 9 years with you Jackbird. You are sweetest, kindest boy who can make us laugh until our sides hurt. You are such a joy to be around... just the kind of person I hope to be myself. iloveyouso.

Here's a few details... the invitation to the bike rodeo was made using a bike bell & simple cardstock.... the party started out by having all the boys decorate their bike for a parade through the neighborhood. Then we made our way to the school parking lot where we had a timed obstacle course (including a section where they had to dress in a tutu and crawl through a tunnel - I think the tutu was the biggest hit) followed by chocolate cupcakes. So much fun and so simple {my favorite kind of party!}.

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