DIY: How to Make Your Own Ornament Wreath

Sunday, December 01, 2013

A couple years ago I was inspired by some wreaths they had hanging in Starbucks... I know, who looks at Starbucks for holiday decorations? Apparently me. I thought they were fun and a little whimsical with the different textures, so I tucked away the idea in my head until I had time to make one myself.... and here it is:

I think it turned out pretty well, and the best part? It cost my less than $5 to make. Want to try?

{Full Disclaimer Here: I am going to use the word 'balls' a lot in this tutorial. I mean A LOT. I can't use the word balls without giggling... so you can imaging how much fun I had typing these directions.}

Step One: 
You will need to head to your favorite Dollar Tree and grab yourself some balls. {giggling} They usually have packages of ornament balls & get some of those practice golf balls too. While you are there get some yarn & a wire wreath form. Get your glue gun heated up.

Step Two: 
You'll want to hot glue that top thingy (I'm sure it has an official name... but I don't know it) to the Christmas balls because you don't want your balls to fall and hit the floor.{more giggling} Gluing that cap on will help secure them.

Step Three: 
Next you'll want to ball up some aluminum foil and cover that with yarn (using the foil helps give you a good start so you are winding yarn like an old lady for hours on end). Do the same thing with the golf balls - that way you have yarn balls in 2 different sizes. Make plenty.

Step Four:
Now you are going to start stinging your Christmas balls onto the wire frame. Make sure to alternate colors... but be careful not to create a pattern - this isn't preschool.

Step Five:
Take your trusty glue gun and glue those balls together where they touch. {giggling} Fill in the empty spaces by gluing on some of the yarn balls - cluster some together if you'd like, but spread them evenly around the wreath.

And You're Done!

Now stop giggling and run to Dollar Tree to get your supplies!

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  1. Erika5:52 AM

    Love the colors you chose! so cool

  2. Adore this wreath - come and share your talented with the world with the Creating Success Around the World blog hop - and get a chance to get feature by our host!