Orange You Glad?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I know... terrible post title, but I really couldn't help it as we are in full 7 year old 'knock knock joke' mode around here. And the classic 'orange you glad joke' is in heavy rotation. I'm not too sure how many more times I can fake laugh at it to be honest.

But I digress... right now I feel like everything is orange paired with black cats & creepy yard art since Halloween is right around the corner. I, myself, had a hard time falling for the color but once I did, orange started popping up everywhere in my house. And there's no reason why you too can't fall in love too. Especially when orange can look like this:

{1. Tech Candy iPhone Case 2. Labyrinth Pillow by Dwell 3. Metro Living Tiles fabric by Robert Kauffman 4. Superior Slotted Spoon by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio}

Am I right? Step away from the candy corn and look at orange in a whole new way...

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