Overheard at Our House

Monday, September 05, 2011

Conversation overhead at my house over the weekend...

The Scene: Breakfast on Monday morning of Labor Day, 10am... still in pajamas [glorious.] I've just poured both the kids a glass of pineapple-orange juice.
Me: Okay guys, let's finish up your breakfast.
[Kids still acting goofy and messing around.]
Me: Seriously, finish your orange juice.
Jack: It's not orange juice, mommy! It's porn juice... get it? Get it! Pineapple-orange juice... porn juice! {laughing}
Thank goodness he's only 8 and has NO IDEA of what he just said to his mother. But, really?! Porn juice?!  How am I supposed to make dinner this week when every time I open the fridge there's a big bottle of porn juice right there on the top shelf?
{Full disclaimer here... he probably really said porange juice, but all John and I heard was 'porn juice' and, really, if you'd been here that's all you'd hear too. And then we spent the rest of the day giggling about porn juice... because that's the kind of parents we are. immature.}

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  1. Too funny - My husband and I would have been giggling all day too