A New Way to Enter our $2,000 Giveaway

Friday, September 09, 2011

Want to play around for a bit with one of our editable files AND have a way to enter the giveaway again?
As you know, all our studio packages  come with editable files of all our jewelry pieces so you can create images of our photo jewelry  with your own photography for use on the web,  your blog, or even your on-line galleries . But did you know we've updated all our editable images + we've already added in the new fashion pieces?

Check out this video to see how our new editable files work:

{Don't you hate the sound of your own voice recordings? me too.}
So now for the fun bit... you can play around with one of our new editable files... our Lori Nordstrom cuff. Just download it here and then experiment with different images, backgrounds, whatever!

When you are done, you can post it to Facebook, your blog or Twitter... just make sure to tag or link to us so we can verify that you did it. Then go ahead and leave a comment for each post (up to 3 comments). Make sure you leave you comments on the original contest post, or else they won't count. 

Have fun!

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  2. Posted cuff on FB. Couldn't tag you in it. But here is the link! :)