Hot Off the Press

Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess what arrived to the studio on Friday....

Yep, the new catalog our brand new fashion line! I can't tell you how pleased I am to have this baby ready to send out! You may not realize that John and I do all our own catalog work, image shots & design so this catalog is a culmination of night after night of working until midnight... or later. The last 3 weeks have been dedicated to finalizing shoots, editing and designing this sweet thing. But I'm glad to be done with her.

So why did we design 2 separate catalogs? Well, we want you to have options - maybe you just want to sell one line or maybe you'd like to choose which catalog to share with each client... but if you want to show both:

They are made to fit together like one. See? Three different options out of 2 catalogs! We'll be sending these out with all orders for the next few months if you want to get your hands on one!
**Oh, and want to see all the pages inside? Just go here!

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