What Would I Change?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

If I had my wedding to do again, I might make a few changes...

maybe add some fun pops of color to our invites...

change up my hair a bit... maybe wear it in a twist...

maybe switch up the flowers in my bouquet {loving that succulent one!}

and, of course, I'd change up my shoes {never can have enough shoes!}

But, John, the one thing I'd never change is you, my dear. Not for all the shoes in the world. Happy 11th Anniversary to the man who makes me feel like I'm living happily ever after.

all images can be found via my pinterest board here

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  1. What a sweet post!! Happy

  2. Love this post. I've been married for eleven years too, and would do most of the "wedding stuff" so much differently if I were doing it again: more colorful and casual and interesting, but not the man. City hall would be fine as long as it was him.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary. I just discovered your blog and really have enjoyed it. I'll be following for sure.

    Have a great day.

  3. keisha6:17 PM

    "the one thing I’d never change is you, my dear."
    What a romantic line!..
    Why would you change it if given a chance? What you decided before I think is still good. It may be your most memorable time.