Pinteresting... Very Pinteresting

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So are you on Pinterest yet? Let me do you a favor... if you don't have time to spare on a fabulous, yet total time suck, DON'T SIGN UP. This thing is SERIOUSLY addictive. I'm in complete and utter love with this site.

{my pinterest boards}

If you don't know the premise behind Pinterest, it's essentially like creating virtual inspiration boards... anything you can find on the Internet, you can pin. It's a great way to gather ideas....

like about house stuff...

favorite sayings, or graphic designs...

or some favorite ideas, like these for posing.

Think of it as one big virtual filing cabinet to store your ideas, images and dreams. Much better than just bookmarking - and totally beats 'adding it to your favorites' in etsy. I love how it feel like a giant pinboard of all your favorite thoughts. And, it's the best place to find new ideas, new projects, or whatever.

What about you? Are you pinterest-ing? Feel free to follow me - check out all my boards here. And if you want to start pinteresting too, just ask and I'll be happy to send you an invite to join! If you already have some boards, let me know... I'd love to check them out!

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  1. I totally hear you on Pinterest! Lo-o-ve it! Great way to organize all my bookmarks and clean up the clutter a bit!

  2. I know right! completely addictive!!
    now I am off to see your boards :)

  3. Lauren11:30 AM

    I'd LOVE an invitation. Not that I need another time suck...but this is so cool!

  4. Lauren11:32 AM

    oops, just saw it on the website! :)