Feeling Lucky?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March is the month for luck... but really, aren't we lucky all the time? If you stop and think about it, I think you'll agree.
Me? Well, I'm lucky to have an amazing family... a family that was almost short one sweet girl. That's right, poor Katbird almost didn't make it to the party. You see, when John and I were young {and oh, so smug} we had it all planned out. Two kids. Two years apart. And, at first, that seemed like it would really happen... just the mere thought of having a baby and BOOM, there's Jack. Seriously.

And then it was time to try and start on baby number 2... and try... and try. And no luck. Lots of tears, lots of bargaining with God. Lots.
But after 2 in vitros, we got our first glimpse at the girl who would make my heart feel complete:
{That little mass of cells that gathered together to create my Kate.  a miracle, no?}

Nine months later, she arrived pink and happy and full of spunk.

So, I feel lucky. And you should too. Lucky to have those who love us. And with that in mind, I created our new Lucky Photo Necklace:

See? Just the right number of photos for however many loves you've got, lucky you!
Still not sure if you're the lucky one? Well, head over to our friends at Photo Talk Forum tomorrow for a chance to WIN one of these babies... who knows it may just be your lucky day!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. It's crazy how similar our experiences are. We only talked about starting a family and H was here. Then two years of crying and begging, we finally got baby C. And through my crying/pleading process, you were such an inspiration to me. Just wanted to thank you for that.

    And your new necklaces are super cute. I'm off to enter the contest now.

  2. Glad it worked out! My cousin went through something similar and just finalized the adoption of a beautiful baby boy!

    Love the necklaces too!

  3. Oh, nothing would make a mom resist these kinds of jewelry if what's being featured are your kids. I love the necklace with pictures.