Snow Ice Cream

Friday, February 04, 2011

We are on day 4 of no school in Dallas... yes, day four. Ice storms began on Monday night, which are never much fun. Normally we joke that a quarter inch of ice can shut the city down, but this time it's been crazy cold. Temperatures in the single digits and then early this morning... snow. Yes, about 6 inches of snow.
And snow means that it's the perfect time to make ice cream. Especially if you have 2 stir crazy kids in the house for 4 days in a row. The best part of the recipe, is that it's not really a recipe at all. Just throw the ingredients together in a bowl and mix, tasting as you go...

Snow Ice Cream

Bowl of Snow * Vanilla * Milk * Sugar
Start by collecting a bowl of clean snow {do I really need to say 'clean' here? I mean would you really collect any yellow snow? i think not.}
Add a few scoops of  sugar and a few drops of vanilla. Keep in mind that a little vanilla goes a loooong way. And start mixing in your milk. Stir it and keep adding milk until you start to get an ice cream texture... a slushy ice cream texture. Give it a taste. If it needs more sugar, add a bit more. If you add too much milk or sugar, just tramp back outside and grab a little more snow. Easy enough.
Such a simple thing, and yet your kids will love it. oh, and you will too...
Happy Stir Crazy Kids = Happier Mom. trust me.

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  1. My mom used to make this for us when I was a kid. We'll definitely have to do this. So fun!

  2. Hello from Japan.
    A very cold air mass hit your area, too. Dionne wrote about it too. It seems that every where in the world the climate is somehow crazy. We had a huge snow fall last month as well. It was beautiful but too much! But I know for kids, it must be such a fun and more the school is closed. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Amanda6:38 AM

    I LOVE snow ice cream! We add crushed up candy canes to ours for a different flavor. This year we keep getting freak snow storms and it will dump 6-10 inches in one night then it will rain and literally wash it ALL away by 8am. It's kind of sad, my bowl of snow for my ice cream melted before I could get to it!

  4. Hahahaa, cute. Snow Ice cream, never really heard of it before that's it's being used as an ingredient. Is it grated already?

  5. I didn't realize the process was this simple.

    I was thinking along the lines of more equipment, steps, and time.

    But this is definitely something to do with the kids this winter. We certainly have enough snow on average to make as much snow ice cream as we want.

    Cool idea