DIY: Fancy Up an Old Jar

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I was looking for a few fun items to throw in the art room to make it a little more fun... the only using thing I had on hand. This might be my easiest DIY by far... so simple, in fact, that the Katbird & I tackled this late one evening while the boys were away at a camp out. I love little projects like this where she helps out... Let's get started:

Step One:
Gather your materials: Mod Podge glue,  scrap paper, Xacto knife, paintbrush &

Don't forget to grab your helper... okay, she wasn't much help {but she sure is cute}

Step Two:

Cut a circle out of the scrap paper larger than the size of your lid. It's not rocket science - don't worry about making your circle perfect, just cut.

Step Three:

Using your scissors, make tiny cuts around the edges, all the way around.

Step Four:
Slather on a little bit of the glue and start wrapping the paper up the lip of the jar. Just keep going around until you've gone full circle.

Step Five:

Top coat that baby with more Mod Podge
{you can never use too much of this stuff... trust me}

Give the glue plenty of time to dry before screwing on... and you're done! I'm using mine store more glue. See? You never can have too much Mod Podge, right?

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