How to Make a No Sew Tutu

Monday, November 04, 2013

When I think of all the times I've shelled out pretty good money on tutus it's a little upsetting... especially once you learn how ridiculously easy they are to make... oh, and how cheap too. This little baby set me back a full $6 and took literally 30 minutes to make. Yes, 30. This project is so easy that if you have a daughter that can tie her shoes, she can probably make it with you... ready?

Step One:
Gather your materials - you'll need at least 2 rolls of tulle. You can either cut out the elastic waist of an old pair of pants that fit your child, or you can cut a length and stitch it or fabric glue it together (wrap it around her waist to double check for length).

Step Two:
Cut your tulle, measure how long you want yours (from your childs' waist to where you want it to fall), then double that length and add 2 inches. {mine was 38" since I wanted it 18" long}

Step Three:
Cut out all the tulle - you'll need quite a few strips - how many depends on how full you want your skirt. I used 3 full spools of tulle.

Step Four:
Next take your elastic and put it on a chair so it stays put. Take your tulle and fold it in half, put the fold on the elastic and tie it in a knot. Yes, just a regular knot, as if it were a shoelace.

Step Five:
Keep going alternating your colors - I did a pattern of 5... five dark purple, five light purple, five light pink. Just keep going until you feel like the skirt is nice and full. Don't fret about the ends being perfect... this is a tutu for goodness sake.
Within 30 minutes, you should be completely done and ready to twirl! You can always dress this up a bit with a little hot glue on a ribbon and fabric flower...

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  1. Tonya, this is just BRILLIANT! I am gong to make these for my daughter and nieces for Christmas! Really, really brilliant!

  2. [...] No Sew Tutu: for the little girl that loves to play dress-up and the mom that doesn’t have a sewing machine or know how to use one. [...]

  3. Even better, if you use a longer piece of wide ribbon instead of the elastic, then you can tie it around her waist in a bow and....drum is adjustable! So you can use the same tutu for years, just adjust the tulle pieces by spreading them apart or closer together and tie to fit. Plus the cute bow is a bonus. Hope you are doing well, it is always nice to catch up on your blog :)

  4. AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been on a mission lately to start making my own props and that includes headbands, slings, and now tutus! Now if I can find a tutorial on the plush tutus {softer for babies skin}..I'm set!

  5. So Smart!!!! Can't wait to make mine!

  6. Hi Tonya,

    This is very awesome. Brilliant idea Tonya. How did you come up with this? Where did you learned this? It's very nice. I have four nieces and I am sure they like this design.


  7. Wow, how creative and artistic. I want one with my daughter and the color would be from golden yellow until light yellow.