Tuesday, November 02, 2010

After working away at costumes, we started out like this on Sunday night:
{Dumbledore & the Purple Witch}
like the graduation gown (circa 1991) which has been transformed into wizard robes? gotta love that hot glue!

Looking good... three houses into the trick or treating:

And then the purple witch decided the hat just got in the way. It's okay, she told me, now I'm just a purple princess:

And then the Dumbledore wig, which I painstakingly hand stitched kept doing this:

And suddenly, Dumbledore was transformed into Harry Potter - same costume sans wig & beard!
Ahhh.... the best laid plans. They never work out do they? But you have to love flexible kids!

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  1. I wish Dumbledore and Hermione could have trick-or-treated together! Abby will love these pictures.

  2. Great costumes! it's always the hardest parts to make that get dumped first. But the tutu made it! Wish I could have been there to see them (and little Yoda)

  3. Yes, the best laid plans. Miles kept asking if he could take off his hat and his whip holder. Inside I was saying "but I made that. do you know how long i spent making that for you? going to the nasty thrift stores" but on the outside "sure honey" Hilarious! We had fun! Hope you guys did too.