Three Things

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There's a little game I play with my kids... it works well late in the evening when you're winding things down {and sometimes things aren't quite winding down enough for bedtime}. I call it 3 Things.
My kids love this game. I ask if if they'd like to know 3 things and they always get so excited... so we'll sit on the bed and I'll say 3 things that I love about them that day. only three. Even if they beg for 4... only 3 {even though there are about a hundred reasons to love them}

So today, I share my three things...

1. I love the fact that no matter what type of music you hear, you dance. Even, um... when the music is really not even that 'danceable.' It always makes me smile.
2. I love how strong you are - sometimes your stubborness can be hard to deal with but I know it will serve you well. I love how you are able to stand your ground - it inspires me to do the same.
3. I love how freely you love... you think nothing of grabbing me for no other reason than to give me a hug because the mood strikes you. What a gift that is to show those you love just how you feel. smart girl.

1. I love how steadfast you are in your beliefs of whats wrong and right. You never seem to waiver in what you believe. What strong morals you have and what a good friend you are to others because of this.
2. I love how you still want to run down the hall early in the morning to our room to see me. The sound of your footsteps thumping down the wood floor always puts in a good mood.
3. I love watching you learn new things - you seem to just devour new facts and want to learn so much more. Maybe it's the teacher in me, but watching your eyes light up as you find out new facts, just makes my heart melt.

1. I love that you always make sure I get the last bite... even if it's your favorite food. You are so generous always.
2. I love that the favorite part of my day is just sitting on the couch doing nothing more than sitting next to you. I know I'm a lucky girl.
3. I love you for how strong you've become over the past 10 years - we've been through some easy parts and there's been some rough parts but through it all, I'm always glad it's your hand I hold. love you.

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  1. You brought tears to my eyes this morning! Crying in my coffee. You are such an extraordinary person. They are three lucky people. And so am I!

  2. Erika1:27 PM

    So sweet!

  3. Hello! I haven't come by for months. Kids are growing fast and I'm so happy to read this blog. Thanks for sharing this. It's such a heartfelt story. I love this.