Bad Hair Day?

Friday, August 02, 2013

Every girl needs a few hats in her closet in case a bad hair day ruins your morning. I love hats and really think that I don't wear them nearly often enough... here's a few of my recent favorites {via etsy}

{1. 1940s Style Linen Hat 2. Speckled Newsboy with River Stones  3. Beige Classic Newsboy Twill Cap 4. Retro Sun Hat in Burnt Orange Pinwheel}

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  1. Erika4:23 AM

    I was just thinking yesterday I need to wear them more too. I saw this girl yesterday who looked so cute and I thought I need to be rocking some this fall. Thanks!

  2. These are fantastic!
    I am especially loving the last one!


  3. I like hats ,when I am looking others ! but for me I am not sure !

    Red linen one is super :))

  4. Hats are fun indeed! I love the classic news boy...

  5. I would LOVE to sport these, and I'm pretty sure my wardrobe could handle it, but I'm so nervous that I'll look like a BOY with my short hair! Not that a boy would wear a big floppy orange hat with flowers, but anyway...