Jack's Summer Bucket List #1, #8 and #13

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jack has continued to blow through his summer bucket list... the summer is about half over and I think we've made a pretty good dent in his list.
{#1 on Jack's list? Go to a Bounce House Place}
Those 2 blurs are my children zooming down the bounce house slide. Jack has now gone to 2 different ones. One in Austin & one in Phoenix. I think we can feel pretty good about checking this off our list now. don't you?

{#10 - Wii Night}
Now I know this is a pretty lame picture but the only other choice would be to show you one of him sitting on the couch, slack-jawed staring at the tv. Jack is obsessed (and I don't use the word obsessed lightly here) with Harry Potter, so he saved up his money for the new Wii game. All those pennies & nickels added up and he was so pleased to make the purchase himself.
*Wii Night, by the way, was such a success he's already requested another.

{#8 - Swim the Length of Grandpa's Pool}
This was a big one for us - I'm so proud of him! It's not a big pool by any stretch, but him finally feeling confident in the water is a victory in itself!

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  1. How fun. Looks like a great summer.

  2. He's just pluggin' away on that list huh? Tell Jack I said way to be!

  3. your kid is really good. he saved up to buy a wii game. WOW. Imma teach my kid to save. Nice summer bucket list c: