Gone Glamping

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Yes, not camping... glamping... as in glamorous camping.  And glamorous, and fabulous, and relaxing, and wonderful it was. Just to sum it up, our trip looked a lot like this...

So much time spent in the hammock, just swinging and talking and laying. alone. We felt totally secluded - it was the perfect place to reconnect and spend a lot of time with my very favorite person of all.

Now, when I say camping you might think bugs and cramped quarters, but glamping looks more like this:
{oh yes, that my friend is a big claw foot tub... I love this kind of camping}

Because we were sleeping in a safari tent, we were able to unzip the windows and listen to the crickets and frogs and wake up to the morning breezes.  Imagine waking up under a canopy to 360 degrees of view like this in your bedroom...

We did squeeze in some time for the Wimberly zip line, which was so much fun...
{yes, that's me}

And we did a lot of floating on the river, listening to the rainstorms and a little bit of antique shopping...

But most of our time was spent in our own little slice of heaven. And the best part is, we came back refreshed and feeling like we are ready to tackle the next 10 years. If the next 10 are as good as the first we, my love, are well on our way to making it a hundred. Thank you for, not just an amazing weekend, but an amazing life. I love being by your side every day. lucky me.

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  1. Sounds absolutely perfect. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  2. WOW lady, that is one killer sounding getaway!

  3. Erika3:17 PM

    Awww so sweet!

  4. Kelly3:14 AM

    Where is this? Looks heavenly!

  5. Oh, you lucky lucky dogs you. I am very jealous. Wow is all I"d be saying.