Summer is Officially Here

Monday, June 07, 2010

Remember as a kid how the whoooole summer just stretched out in front you with so many plans & ideas. Just the thought of late nights and lazy mornings for the next couple of months... And now that Jack & Kate are officially in the midst of summer dreaming we've decided to have Jack lay down some ideas of how we can make this summer perfect...
Here's the letter he wrote to his future self:

And his list of ideas...

My idea is to take this list and turn in into a chance for him to really make some memories and keep his brain still moving by having him make himself a little journal complete with journal entries & pictures. I'm really trying to get him, too, to start experimenting more with photography and art with the added bonus of improving his writing.
I think my friend Erin has it right when she posted this quote:

And I'm determined not to miss a single one... What about you? What summer plans do you have?

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  1. I think you should add to that list to come out here and visit Legoland. S'gotta beat Lego camp any day. Well, maybe not, but still.

  2. Love his letter! We're going to making a list this summer too, right after the potty training lock down is complete. I'll add Jack's list to our inspiration.

  3. You are such an amazing mama. You inspire me!

  4. I loe your summer to do list! I am still working on mine :)

  5. sounds like a wonderful plan!

  6. I just put ours up. Lots of fun to be had :-)

  7. I am starting to do the same thing with my two boys.. they like to see what they used to think.. its a fun project to do all year

  8. You say "Remember as a kid how the whoooole summer just stretched out in front you". That reminds me how the sense of time seems to change so much as you get older. The summer seemed so long when planning and experiencing it. Now when I plan it, it seems like it is just a short forerunner to Christmas; when I experience it is seems like it is over in a trice. Thanks for the reminder.