Jack's Summer Bucket List #7 & #17

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're on a way to completing all of Jack's requested summer activities.... in case you missed the post with the whole list, I've posted it down there on the right. That way I can't forget to do a single thing!
This week we tackled #7 by heading to the zoo:

kate kept asking when she got the  ride on an elephant... this statue was as close as we could come}

{but they did get to ride a camel}

{and got to play in the water area at the Children's Zoo}

{we also got to take care of #17...play in the sprinklers}

{and finished up with homemade sno cones}


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  1. a bucket list for your kiddos is brilliant!

  2. You are one fun mama lady. What's better than homemade snowcones? YUM!

  3. Wow...so funny, family, friendly moments captured by your camera! Great post! Lovely summer for all of you!!! Kisses, Bela.