Jack's Summer Bucket List #4 & #5

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well, one of the biggest items on Jack's summer bucket list was flying on a plane all by himself... I know? When did become old enough to do these things? Jack's always been my nervous nellie, but I was completely shocked and taken aback by his excitement at the prospect on flying on the plane without me. I thought we'd have at least ONE moment of trepidation... I mean, this is the kid who's still a little bit scared to jump off a diving board... but not one second of hesitation on his part to get on a plane with just his 9 year old cousin as company. Funny how that works...

{moments after getting off the plane}

{I think this counts as #5... hiking through the woods, don't you?}

{spending time with his Grandpa Pete & Great Grandpa Cliffie}

{and according to Grandma DiDi... packing away some serious food. Yikes, what's this kid going to be eating when he's a teenager?}

Kate, in the meantime is enjoying lots of alone time with mommy & daddy. She misses Jack and asks everyday when he's coming home, but her favorite part of being an only child? Getting to pick whatever she wants: dinner plates, games, whatever. Her favorite saying right now is "It's my day to pick! Everyday is my day with Jack gone!" But every night she says... "when Jack getting home?"
Soon, thank goodness.

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