Craziness of May

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You may have noticed my sparse posts as of late... May's been a crazy month full of excitement and activities...

{Jack lost his tooth, and now looks like he was in a bar fight}

{which means the Tooth Fairy came and left him this 2 dollar bill}

{we've enjoyed picnics}

{dressing as Darth Vader... and sometimes Bat Man to go to the mall}

{moving up the ranks in Boy Scouts}

{and my jewelry had a feature article written about it in The Art of Pregnancy & Newborn Photography magazine}

What a busy month it's been... and we still have my birthday coming up. And you wonder why I haven't blogged?!  I promise to do better soon!

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  1. Erika1:22 PM

    Crazy busy but your website and article look great. Good job mama!

  2. Wow. The tooth fairy is VERY creative!!