Photo Jewelry Launch!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've been busy working away in the studio for the past few week on a few new pieces which will be launching soon! I'm very excited about my new photo jewelry line and thought I'd share a little peek at my first one to launch... the Tiffany Heirloom Necklace:

This is my most popular pendant - the one inch pendant but now on a tiffany style chain...

Be on the lookout over the next few weeks for some of my other new pieces which will be launching soon!

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  1. this is so sweet! I love it!! xo

  2. Yay! How exciting! And how gorge! SOooo pretty!

  3. This is quite a unique idea. How popular is it amongst the buyers?

  4. Lucy767:31 AM

    What a neat idea...what is the general cost of these pieces? I'll have to check and see if this is still available. So cute.

    Have you launched any new pendants? Or any other new ideas lately? Very innovative..which I like!

    Keep up the good work!