Foodie Friday: Let's Start a Revolution

Friday, April 30, 2010

I know that normally our Foodie Friday is a fun recipe, but today I'm getting up on my high horse for a bit. Have you watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I'm completely on board with Jamie - and his outlook on how we eat food. He is on a mission to change our school lunch program.
We've been frustrated ourselves with the school lunch program... ever since Jack came home and announced that they had Frosted Flakes as one of the side vegetables at lunch. Frosted Flakes? really?  We limit his school lunches to once a week - his favorite is almost always the chicken nuggets (what kid isn't a fan of chicken nuggets?). So, we decided to show him this short clip from Food Revolution.
Um, yeah, after watching that, Jack is now dead set against ordering nuggets either at school or even at restaurants now. And, boy, do I love that! It's been a good show to share with him about where our food comes from and how we eat.

Here's a link to the petition for changing our school lunch program. If you'd like to see them stop offering Frosted Flakes for our side vegetables, I encourage you to sign it... and it only takes 30 seconds to fill out.
If you want to catch up on all 6 episodes... and I totally recommend you do, check them out here. See how upset you get when they pull the vegetable stir fry out of the program because it doesn't contain enough vegetables (however the handful of greasy french fries are given the go ahead).  Sure, you'll have to watch them on your computer but it'll make you look at food in a much healthier way.

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  1. Love Love Jamie and what he is doing. Yes, when I saw this video I could barely stomach it. It is ridiculous what the USDA has determined to be healthy lunches.

  2. i think jamie oliver is awesome. we all need to take a stand and demand better quality food for ourselves and for others. it's great that he is using his fame for good. i think he's made huge strides in changing how people think about food and cooking. yay for the food revolution!

  3. We're lucky that our school district has a great meal plan option that includes fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthier meats (turkey and chicken options - not always beef). But I think that I have the parents of previous students to thank for that. I think that Jamie is so right, the parents HAVE to demand better lunches for their children.

  4. i love jamie oliver too! and sam watched all of the episodes with me (including the nasty chicken nugget segment) and she too said she would NEVER eat one again.

    j ;)

  5. i too really love this show. usda really needs to buck up and change their ridiculous rules about servings and such. it's too bad we don't have a better agency that is actually concerned with kids health regulating school lunches. (ohhh, ok, sorry that got a little political but you can obviously see where i stand on this issue).