All Natural Cleaning Products

Monday, November 11, 2013

I use a lot of all natural cleaners that you can make yourself. I love using those cleaners, but I've actually found a lot of really good products that don't require cleaners or chemicals at all... don't you love that?
Just add a little water and viola... it's clean. Seriously.

{1.Glass Magnet Cloth 2. SimpleHuman Microfiber Mitt for Stainless Steel  3. Microfiber Floor Duster 4. Dusting Magnet Cloth}

I didn't really think these would all work as well as chemicals, but I swear they do. I just got through cleaning all my windows (inside and out) using the glass magnet cloth - no window cleaner at all - and they're all spotless. And that stainless steel mitt leaves no streaks on my stainless appliances. The best part? My kids love using them - they think it's a game to wear that mitt and clean the fridge. ha! got them fooled.
So, where do you get these? Some freaky hippie store? Um, no. Container Store... see? being green doesn't have to mean that you give up wearing deodorant or not driving a car, right?

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  1. I've got a Container Store list going on.. Might have to add a few things.

  2. i got these cloth free they are really good

  3. this sounds fabulous! love new ways to clean. we use all mrs. myers but no cleaners at all is even better.

  4. Wow! These are really cool, I never thought about not using the chemicals at all. I mean, I use all non toxic cleaners, and home-made natural cleaners, but to remove them all together? Neat... I will have to try these!

  5. thanks for all the natural cleaning supplies. xo

  6. What is the smell like? I've found that a lot of natural cleaners smell icky. I've got a sensitive nose. Ah ha ha