The Weekend: A Boy and His Birthday... Lego Star Wars Style

Monday, March 08, 2010

As I mentioned last week, it was Jackbird's birthday last week, and since the child is OBSESSED with all things Lego and all things Star Wars, it only made sense to combine the two for his party.

The invites went out a few weeks ago. Each boy got his own little personalized bag filled with Legos they had to assemble in order to read the invite. (I simply made the invite and printed it on clear label paper, attached it to Legos and cut each one apart with an X-acto knife.)

Each boy (there were 3 invited) got their own Star Wars Lego kit to assemble.
(notice the birthday banner got a place of honor!)

The boys had a lot of fun assembling their kits... unfortunately this particular kit was a bit more challenging to assemble than some of the others we've done... so after a good hour...

most of them ended up going outside to play while we adults finished up the assembly! The kids didn't seem to mind a bit and were quite proud of the kits they had made.

Before they left, it was time for the cake...

and birthday wishes. Can't believe Jackbird's seven!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Joyce2:30 AM

    Looks like a wonderful party for Jack and the perfect size! Is there any cake left? It looks so... good! T a great idea on the invites. I passed out little party favor bags this year for my bday treats to hand out. xo

  2. Dionne3:52 AM

    Awww.... happy birthday to Jack! I LOVE the lego invite idea, and the cake is gorge!

    This weekend I threw a tea party for some girlfriends. It seems we both partied it up this weekend!

  3. PS~Erin3:55 AM

    Sounds like a wonderful party! Can't believe we're old enough to have seven year olds. Doesn't seem possible!

  4. ms. less is always more3:55 AM

    SO COOL! My son is HUGE into Star Wars Legos these days too... the two of them would have a blast together! What a fun birthday party! I may have to snag some ideas for Noah's birthday this fall! (Also, I think Noah has the same shirt that Jack has on!)

  5. Daters6:36 AM

    Perfect Party. My son is having a Jedi Training Party in just a few weeks.

  6. Kristin7:31 AM

    What an absolutely adorable party! Happy happy bday to the lil' man!

  7. Hi! I know your blog by an spanish web ( and it´s great! I love all of your posts. The lego party is cool!
    I´ll go to put a link to your blog in my new blog (about my works of restoration of furniture). ¿How I can follow your blog?

  8. erikamommy1:49 AM

    Had a great time!

  9. Tonya, thanks for visit my blog, it´s very new, and thanks for your explication. I can follow your site now! Happy birthday to Jack again.

  10. bloem family9:37 AM

    The banner looked awesome! And the cake looks so cool too! Looks like he had a great party!

  11. Olivia4:56 PM

    My 4 year old would be super jealous of this party! She loves all things Lego and Star Wars too! (especially when they are combined) ;)