Top Five: Ideas for Dyeing Easter Eggs

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I've never been a half hearted egg dyer (imagine that). I've tried lots of different techniques - wax, silk dying, imprinting, you name it... so I've gathered together a few of my favorite ways to dye an easter egg... all relatively easy... even for the kids. and all fun to hunt on Easter morning!

Don't forget when you're done to shine them up with a little vegetable oil or Crisco. Just rub a bit on, and wipe off with an old cloth. It really brings the colors out. Oh, and to really make the color pop, use brown eggs instead of your ordinary white ones - it gives you a much richer jewel tone palette (thanks Diann for that tip!).

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  1. Thanks for the patterns and the tips, can't wait to see how the brown ones will turn out ;)

  2. Who would think there were so many ways to color Easter eggs. Thanks. xo

  3. Man! I totally forgot you moved. I was wondering why I hadn't seen you pop up in my news feed in a while - and it was because I still had it on your old blog, not this new one. Well not anymore! It's all updated now.

    These eggs are so cute. I STILL have never done this before, despite seeing all the pretty eggs throughout blogland. Maybe when I have kidlets of my own. This would be a lovely Easter Tradition.

  4. Totally loving the marbelized ones! Did you get my email btw?