Tea Collection: Katbird's Picks

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Oh, to be 3 again... sounds terrible really, except for the fact that I'd then be able to squeeze myself into these adorable Tea Collection Clothes. Kate and I spent a good amount of time pouring over our new Tea Collection catalog that arrived over the weekend. She, of course, wanted one of everything. and so did I.

Here's some of Kate's picks. Keep in mind, this girl refuses to wear pants (even leggings are a stretch).... so dresses only for Spring 2010!
Tea Collection Bright Mix & Match

Girls Tea Collection Mix & Match
And, let's not forget about the boys (who, I can say as a Boy Mom, are MUCH harder to shop for than girls). Tea Collection has the cutest, um, coolest clothes for my (almost) 7 year old.
Boys Tea Collection

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  1. FEDERICA2:17 AM


  2. ms. less is always more2:28 AM

    Just adorable! I love their boys stuff, as it IS very hard to find "cool" clothes for elementary age boys. Wow, almost 7! Why does that sound so much older than 6????

  3. Dionne8:19 AM

    Oh these are so cute! I LOVE the little Mary Janes!

  4. paula2:21 AM

    how cute are all these!

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