Recipe : Sweet Fruit Dip

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm always on the lookout for a way to shove a few extra fruits and veggie's down my kids throats... some work (let's be honest... most don't). But this dip works wonders in getting kids to scarf down all kinds of fruit - strawberries, bananas, apples, you name it.
Most of the ingredients you probably have on hand, so it's an easy go-to for an afternoon snack.

Fruit Dip
8 oz Cream Cheese
1/2 C Brown Sugar
1 T Vanilla
1 C Whipped Topping (optional)

Mix together your softened cream cheese, brown sugar and vanilla until well blended. Then fold in your whipped topping until just mixed. If you stir too much the whipped topping won't be as fluffy.
Serve with all kinds of fruit.

*Tip - to keep your bananas and apples from becoming brown, sprinkle them with a little 7-up. It won't make them taste tart like lemon juice does, but still keeps them from browning!

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  1. 7-up, eh? My gal doesn't like the lemony taste, so this might just work for us. Do you know if it will last through lunch time, if I were to pack them in her lunchbox?

  2. This dip sounds delish! I must admit-it even takes a bit more for me to eat my fruits and veggies! And the 7-up idea is great-never heard of that tip before.

  3. I'd forgotten how delicious this dip is, and I'm glad you reminded me. Now I can't wait to make it.

  4. Great suggestion Tonya! I know this is delish and a teriff way to eat lots of good fruit.

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    Art by Karena