What to Wear with Your Laptop...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So, the hubs was in need to a new laptop as his was getting a bit old.. I don't think taking 15 minutes to download email is that excessive… but he didn't ask my opinion. :)

 Now, though I've been on the hunt for a cool laptop cover for him to use. Here's the three coolest MacBook covers I've found. Only, aren't the covers just an accessory? Don't you think we'd need a whole outfit to match? me too.

Wooden Laptop
This wooden MacBook cover goes perfectly for the girl on the go. You know, the one who never checks price tags and always looks fabulous. You know that girl...

The BookBook MacBook cover (which I found thanks to Lindsey) is perfect for that retro bookish look. That girl who squirrels away her days in the library and yet always seems to have a date on Friday night. Yes, this one is hers.

Undercover Laptop
And finally, for that mysterious girl. The one who seems to think it's tre chic to wear sunglasses inside the mall... yes, this undercover laptop sleeve would be perfect. After all, she wouldn't want anyone to know that she's actually working, right?

Tell me... which girl are you?

*oh, and I know the laptop was bought for my husband... but pulling together outfits with boy clothes didn't sound nearly as appealing. sorry dear.

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  1. **WE BLOG ARTISTS**2:31 AM

    DEFINITELY #1...I love this outfit all the way...and that wooden Laptop case is AWESOME.

  2. Tanya and Colin2:45 AM

    I could be all three depending on the day an dmy mood;)

  3. ms. less is always more2:57 AM

    This is SO perfect as I just snagged a new MacBook last night! I'm the first or second... I'll need to get a case for this little beauty soon. That is after I recover from dropping the money on it unexpectedly!

    ps. congrats to your husband! best wishes~

  4. Kwana3:20 AM

    Love the BookBook cover and look. Fun!

  5. #1 but with #2 shoes I just can't do high heels! Love all the covers brilliant idea! Good luck to your hubby business venture!

  6. paula3:39 AM

    want all the outfits, so cute.

  7. Kimmay3:49 AM

    Can I be all three??? I love all of these outfits and covers. And Macs are the best <3

  8. Karena5:47 AM

    I love the book, book covers, just so interesting....What will you say if asked, what are you reading?

  9. Rachel7:16 AM

    I would like to think I'm #1 ;) I really do love all 3 outfits though.

  10. Lindsey7:36 AM

    Aw, man, you would make me choose! I think I'd have to go: 2, 3, 1.

    *And thanks for the little whisper (like a tiny shout-out). ;)

  11. Dionne8:07 AM

    These are awesome. I think I could be any one of these girls depending on what time I woke up in the morning, hahaha.

  12. Magchunk8:51 AM

    Love the first one! I actually just have the InCase cushy pouch. I wanted pink but Ryan bought it for me when he borrowed my laptop for a conference and bought the teal cause he felt silly with pink. Lol.

    Congrats to your hubby!

  13. victoria.renee11:57 AM

    can i PLEASE be all three? there's so fashionable!

  14. Jackie3:53 PM

    Love these sets Tonya! You should dabble in the fashion side more often! I die over the shoes in the first set and the green jacket in the last. But I want it all (of course)!!!

  15. amy and ann4:45 PM

    #1. changing ways tho. love that wood case... amy

  16. Rachel Follett11:06 PM

    These are so cool! I love your outfits with them too. So fun. I hope that the business venture is a success! My husband was just laid off a few weeks ago and we are thinking about a business for him too!

  17. Down and Out Chic8:58 AM

    very cute post! your oufits are adorable too. i suppose i'm neither girl. i don't carry a laptop!